Started in Tokyo and now based in Yokohama, we have been creating since 2017. Most projects are for Japanese local businesses and a few are based out of New Zealand. Check out some examples of our work below and drop us a line!

Gravity Park Mobile

Gravity Park

Awarded best tourism website 2020 in Kanto, Japan, this project is a strong example of bringing together designers and developers to deliver a PC and mobile website in both Japanese and English. The site attracts thousands of visitors every month.

Sysamic Mobile


A complete brand refresh taken through to a new website design that brought the brand mission and values to life. Brand strategy and brand guidelines were developed to ensure consistency in future marketing efforts.

Explore Shizuoka Mobile

Explore Shizuoka

Brand strategy brought to life in a new website to promote the Shizuoka prefecture to inbound tourists. From tone of voice and brand logo design, to ongoing media creation and SNS promotions, this project is helping to revitalise local areas.

Travel Fujinomiya Mobile

Travel Fujinomiya

Website, social media and marketing activities for the city of Fujinomiya. The city is the closest to Mt Fuji, but is less visited than other regions around Fuji-san, so content, was developed and designed to attract inbound visitors.

Daniel Monteverde Mobile (1)

Daniel Monteverde

A personal website for author, artist and entrepreneur Daniel Monteverde. The website is in 3 languages, Spanish, English and Japanese, and is used to promote his latest book publishing and personal blog posts.

Kanto Dining Mobile

Kanto Dining

The website is used to showcase the different restaurant ventures of the company called Kanto Dining. From pop-ups and food trucks to more permanent fixtures, each restaurant has its own single page.

Oden Strength

Oden Strength

7 year personal trainer Grant Oden uses this website to share insights on training through the blog function, consistent updates through his linked Instagram, and to attract new clients for online training.

Carpe Dean Mobile

Carpe Dean Japan

Carpe Dean Japan is an established K.K. company in Japan supporting local areas to attract English speaking inbound tourists to less travelled areas of Japan. The corporate website showcases projects and services and acts as a external marketing tool.

The nomadic physio mobile

Nomadic Physio

The Nomadic Physio is the website for Donald Mackay (Donny), professional physiotherapist from Australia living in Japan. After working for Tokyo’s top clinic, Donny decided to strike out on his own, and needed a website to help connect to customers.

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We have more than 20 years experience consulting with businesses in strategy, marketing, design and content across Japan, Asia Pacific and Oceania. Feel free to send a message and let’s see how we can help! 

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